Marketing & Business

President and Creative Director

Maximilian Kaiser


President and Creative Director

Maximilian Kaiser


Originally from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Maximilian grew up in and among the many vineyards and wineries that still flourish today. As the son of a prominent winemaker who pioneered Canada’s wine industry, Max gained a thorough understanding of Niagara’s wine production from the inside-out. Although his passion wasn’t in the cellars with his father, Max was drawn to the marketing and promotional dynamics of the food and beverage community.

After graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications Management, with a focus on Business and Technology, Max decided to combine his education and lifelong familial knowledge of Niagara wines to open his own design and full service printing facility, where he catered to the needs of Niagara’s many small and medium sized wineries for 20 years. Wanting to focus his attention on design and marketing, Max left the production side of his business foundation to establish Kaiser Design.

Max is driven by the simplicity and elegance of design. His encounter with an Absolut Vodka ad in his youth ignited a fire inside of him that only design can feed. But Max also has a passion for the entire creative process. He is fascinated with both design and how things work, two foundations that give him a distinct advantage in the design business. With Max, it’s all about form and function. His professional mantra of ‘Concept to Completion’ is about envisioning the entire picture and then piecing everything together to achieve a single goal through controlled execution.

In addition to the enjoyment of being self-employed, Max loves the challenge of engaging with different customers and jobs. He finds the art of problem-solving a challenging yet enjoyable experience that he undertakes on a daily basis. Connecting with many small business owners in Niagara becomes a means for Max to personalize the Kaiser Design experience even further. And of course he enjoys his small staff of creative individuals!

He currently is an educator in Advanced Photoshop & Digital Imaging at Niagara College.

Marketing & Business Strategist

Andrea Kaiser


Marketing & Business Strategist

Andrea Kaiser


Andrea (Drea) Kaiser is a notable force in her industry with over thirty years of experience in branding, tourism, communication, and hospitality. She is a known leader in marketing, business management, public relations and sustainability. At the age of 23 she began managing her family business, a 125-seat restaurant and 20 rooms motel and grew sales over ten years, by over one million dollars. After her family sold the property she began working at an iconic winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake and not only created exceptional onsite winery experiences, but also grew onsite retail wine sales by ten percent each year.

She is also credited with growing winery sales in other channels including LCBO, Online Sales, Wine Club and Travel Trade, all the while, contributing to the advancement of her industry. Andrea has served as chairperson of the marketing cooperative Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake and Ontario’s Sustainable Winemaking Certification program and also as an Executive Board Member of Ontario Craft Wineries and Board Member of Tourism Niagara-on-the-Lake. For ten years, Andrea taught at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College, specifically courses in business management, tourism, consumer behaviour, branding and public relations.

Andrea is also passionate about Niagara’s local wine and food culture as she was most fortunate to have had a front row seat to the re-birth of a cottage wine industry and witnessed it grow to become a global competitor. Her roots in Niagara led to her to a life long career in wine, hospitality and tourism as a restauranteur, winery estate manager, educator, marketer, writer and now winemaker, with launch of her own personal wine brand in memory of her father, a world-renowned winemaker and co-founder of Inniskillin Wines. Her own wine studies included sommelier training and travels abroad to wine regions like Napa, Bordeaux, Friuli, the Douro Valley and Okanagan. Andrea continues to learn and expand her horizons at any opportunity and when time permits she loves to write and has published articles about what else, but local food and wine.

Her energy, expertise, and experiences will inspire and drive you and your organization to BE REMARKABLE!

Design team

Lead Designer

Andrew Montgomery


Andrew brings more than 3 decades in design and art direction to the Kaiser Design team. Spending much of his career in new home and condo marketing, he has participated in some of the most successful development projects in Canada. In addition to working with agencies in Toronto, Atlanta and Niagara, Andrew owned his own strategic communication firm, has taught design at Niagara College and served as a mentor with the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario. His design work has been recognized with multiple awards in both Canada and the United States. Aside from design, he is distracted by architecture, mid-century furniture and most things automotive, mechanical and old.

Senior Designer

Megan Doherty


St. Catharines-born Megan Doherty has been working alongside Maximilian Kaiser as a Graphic Designer for over six years. With a Diploma in Art and Design Fundamentals – Graphic Design Production and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Niagara College, Megan’s experience and passion for art manifests daily in her creative work at Kaiser Design. As someone who likes to stay within the lines, Megan’s love of ink and watercolour art allows her to step outside those lines and into a world where creativity reigns supreme. Megan enjoys working at Kaiser Design because each day brings a new assortment of creative projects from a wide range of clientele. As many of our clients can attest, Megan is a truly unrelenting force in the world of production and design.

Graphic Designer

Nicole Breadman


Nicole, a native to Niagara. is a graduate of the Graphic Communications Management program at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), holding a Bachelor of Technology degree. With a multifaceted background encompassing graphic design, project management, and production coordination, she brings a wealth of expertise to her work. Nicole’s post-graduation ventures as a freelance graphic designer have honed her skills and amplified her creativity. Beyond her professional endeavours, she embraces a distinct affinity for patchwork tattoos, reflecting her appreciation for unique artistry and personal expression. Nicole’s passion for design, coupled with her meticulous project management abilities, enables her to deliver exceptional results that seamlessly blend creativity and functionality.

Digital team

Web & Media Specialist

Natasha Barrett


Natasha is a versatile creative professional skilled in photography, web design, graphic design, and project management. With a BFA Honours degree, she has a strong foundation in web design, photography, video editing, conceptual art, and art history. As a successful entrepreneur in Toronto for over a decade, Natasha offered photography, graphic design, and web design services. Transitioning to Project Analyst at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, she collaborated with a team of 80 analysts to develop the Dovetale digital health solution, showcasing her expertise in change management and effective collaboration. Natasha’s impact extended to Tourism Niagara, where she designed captivating social media campaigns, websites, and print media, promoting the beauty of the Niagara Region. Currently a Project Manager and UX/UI Web Designer at Kaiser Design, Natasha’s skills and creativity contribute to brand growth through engaging websites.

Communication Specialist

Willow Kaiser


With a background in Psychology from the University of Guelph and a minor in Art History, Willow brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative flair to her work. Her deep understanding of human behaviour and emotions enables her to craft engaging and impactful copy and clear communications and excels at connect ing clients with their target audiences in engaging ways. She is also our in-house digital specialist focusing on web updates and edits, design and deployment of enewsletters, placement of digital ad campaigns and is also responsible for developing captivating social media campaigns. She has a deep passion for art history, traveling, and music which further enriches her ability to create dynamic digital marketing experiences that resonate with consumers.

Full Stack Web Developer

Fernando Ramírez


With over 13 years of professional experience, Fernando excels in website development and web application. Holding a Bachelor of Administrative Computer Systems degree, he possesses a versatile skill set encompassing design, data analysis, and coding. He has worked on a wide range of projects, spanning from design work to API and systems development. His expertise extends from creating visually appealing websites to constructing robust administration systems. Fernando's broad understanding of design principles, data analysis techniques, and coding languages equips him with the versatility needed to undertake a diverse array of projects. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, guitar, and exploring scientific topics. These hobbies complement his passion for continual learning and contribute to his well-rounded approach in the field of web development.

Photographer and Videographer

Jose Jacob


Jose Jacob is a commercial photographer currently based out of Kaiser Design Studio in Niagara. He specializes in product, food, architecture and lifestyle photography. With a passion to paint with light Jose strives to create images which are aesthetically pleasing and commercially viable. He was awarded the Nikon Portfolio of the year in 2017 and has worked for various publications as a travel photojournalist. Combining his education, experience and his personal passion, Jose is making his mark in commercial photography. Jose picked up a camera 12 years ago and it has since become a part of who he is today. Hailing from a small town from South India his passion took him to exciting places and connected him with amazing people around the country and abroad. When not in studio Jose can be found exploring new food places and shares an equal passion for movies and music.